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When you’re trying to draw Manga with professional tools, you’ll encounter a range of paper types, inks, and a lot of other tools.

But how do you pick the right ones for you when there are so many options?

This summary will give you a straightforward look at the different tools available to help you make your decision!


Pencils are the starting point for all manga artists. Many artists use mechanical pencils for precision, while traditionalists opt for wooden ones. Different lead hardness provides various line weights, so it’s a good idea to have a range on hand.

Erasers: Every artist’s best friend. Erasers are essential for fine-tuning your sketches and correcting mistakes. Invest in good quality erasers to avoid smudging and damage to your paper.

Inking Pens

Inking pens are a must for creating those bold, consistent lines characteristic of manga. They come in various nib sizes to suit your style, from fine details to bold strokes.

Manga Paper

Specialized manga paper is designed to handle ink and screen tones. It prevents bleed-through and provides the right texture for manga creation.

Screen Tones

These adhesive sheets feature patterns like dots, lines, and gradients. They are used to add shading and texture to your artwork. Traditional screen tones are often used in manga production.

Rulers and Templates

Rulers are crucial for achieving those straight lines and clean panel borders.

Templates help draw common shapes and assist in perspective drawing.

Light Box:

A light box is a handy tool for tracing and refining sketches. It allows you to overlay a clean sheet of paper on top of your initial sketch for inking.

Digital Tools

Many modern manga artists choose to work digitally. For this, you’ll need a graphic tablet, drawing software, and a computer with sufficient processing power.

Passion and Patience

While not physical tools, these are perhaps the most critical. Manga creation can be time-consuming, so a dedicated passion for your craft is essential to see you through.

The world of manga creation is as diverse as the stories it tells.

As you embark on your manga journey, remember that the right tools enhance your creativity and ease the artistic process.

Experiment with various tools, techniques, and styles to find what suits you best. With dedication and a love for manga, you can create compelling stories and captivating characters. Happy drawing!

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