Manga lesson in Tokyo ~One day program~


Enjoy a Fun Experience in Shibuya

Last weekend, a delightful manga workshop took place in Shibuya, offering participants an unforgettable experience.

This one-day program was designed to provide manga enthusiasts with an enjoyable and immersive journey into the world of manga creation.

Manga Creation with Professional Manga Artists

The workshop’s highlight was the hands-on instruction provided by professional manga artists. Participants had the unique opportunity to learn directly from industry experts, gaining valuable insights into the manga creation process. From mastering the art of drawing precise lines to crafting compelling characters, attendees left with essential skills for manga production.

Knowledge to Use Back Home

The knowledge and skills acquired during this workshop are not limited to Japan. Participants received comprehensive instruction that they can apply in their own countries. In the digital age, manga creation skills are a valuable asset that transcends borders. Many attendees expressed their excitement about utilizing their new skills for future projects back home.

Creating 4-Panel Comics

A special emphasis was placed on creating 4-panel comics, or “yonkoma.” This format requires packing a complete story into just four panels, making it an excellent exercise in concise storytelling. Participants enjoyed the challenge of distilling their ideas into this short form, learning the fundamentals of narrative construction.

Designing Chibi Characters

Another popular segment of the workshop was the creation of chibi characters. Known for their adorable, exaggerated features, chibi characters are a staple in manga and anime. Under the guidance of professional artists, participants learned how to design their own charming chibi characters, adding another valuable skill to their repertoire.

This manga workshop in Shibuya was a resounding success, leaving participants inspired and eager to continue their manga-making journey. It was a perfect blend of learning and creativity, set in the vibrant heart of Shibuya.

This manga workshop in Shibuya, enhanced by simultaneous English interpretation, was a phenomenal success. It inspired participants from around the world and equipped them with the skills and knowledge to continue their manga-making journey. The event beautifully combined learning and creativity in the bustling heart of Shibuya.


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Number of participantsPrice per a person
1 person240 USD
2 people120 USD
3-6 people80 USD
※Please contact us if you have more than 7 participants
※10% tax will be added to the above prices.

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