Manga lesson in Shibuya, Tokyo for Pro course


We had a Manga lesson on March 25th 2024 in Shibuya.

The vistors are from Denver, in US.🇺🇸

She has been traveling alone in Japan for 18 days and his favorite manga is Bungo Stray Dogs.

We had a short lecture by a teacher who has been working as a Manga artist for 25 years.

*Permission to publish photos has been obtained in advance.

Chibi Chara creation

There are several tips for drawing chibi-characters, and after a lecture on these tips, we will actually draw our original chibi-characters.

4-panels Manga creation

Four-frame manga is a method of completing a story in four panels.

She created a story using Tokyo’s yuru-chara.

After 2-hour lecture ,she was able to learn how to write chibi characters and create four-panel cartoons.

Thank you for choosing our Manga lesson!

How to book Manga lesson

The lessons are given by professional Manga artists, but English interpreters are available,
so there is no problem even if you do not speak Japanese!

You can book Manga lesson via our contact form.

Course details

Basic and professional courses are available.
The duration of the course is approximately 2 hours.

You can see the details of the Manga lesson with English interpretation here✅


Manga lesson will be held at a venue 7 minutes walk from Shibuya station.