Recruiting Sponsor

ALOHA MANGA is looking for a sponsor through year. We offer a variety of Manga lesson across the country.

Please contact:

Do you have a passion for manga and a desire to share your expertise with aspiring artists worldwide?
Join us as sponsors to support our mission of providing manga lessons all over the world!

Join Our Manga Journey

We are a team of professional manga artists aiming to travel to different countries, reaching out to talented individuals who dream of learning manga.

Our team of experienced manga artists is prepared to conduct engaging and interactive lessons in various countries.
These classes will cover essential aspects of manga creation, including character design, storytelling, paneling, inking, coloring, and more. By sponsoring our global journey, you will directly support these artists in their mission to share their knowledge and inspire the next generation of manga creators.

Contact us to explore sponsorship opportunities and join our exciting journey to spread manga magic worldwide!

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