Manga Online class was held on 2023/9/10


We held Manga online lesson on 2023/9/10!
5 people( from the U.S, Italy) joined our class.

Our recent online manga class was proof of this global connection, bringing together participants from the United States, Italy, and Japan, guided by a professional manga artist Utumi sensei.

Lesson Highlights:

  • Professional Manga artist with English Translation: In this class, you got to learn from top manga artists. Plus, an English interpreter made sure language wasn’t a roadblock to learning.
  • International Crowd: People from the United States and Italy joined in, proving manga’s appeal knows no borders.
  • Time-Friendly: Held at 10:00 PM Japan time, the class welcomed folks from various time zones, so everyone could join in.
  • Show Off Your Art: Participants got to display their own work, showing off their unique styles and stories.
  • Ask Anything: The class encouraged questions and discussions, making it easy to learn and connect.
  • Onomatopoeia Skills: Learning how to use onomatopoeic words in manga, a crucial skill for storytelling.

Join Our Global Manga Crew:

If you love manga, no matter where you are, our online classes are your ticket to learning and making global friends who share your passion.

If you are interested in online Manga lessons, you can see more details here.

Our manga class was a journey of creativity, learning, and cultural exchange.

It proved that manga can bring together artists from all over, no matter their language or time zone. We’re excited for the future of manga learning and can’t wait to welcome even more diverse folks to our next class.

A big thank you to all our participants for making this class memorable.

Together, we’re shaping the future of manga, one class at a time!

See you at the next lesson!